Kaeser is your single source solution for your air system needs. We manufacture rotary screw compressors featuring the proprietary, energy-efficient Sigma™ profile airend, oil-less reciprocating compressors, Omega™ rotary lobe blowers and Omega-paK™ blower packages and vacuum packages. We also offer a complete line of refrigerated and desiccant dryers, condensate management systems, plus a variety of related products. Each of our rotary screw compressors feature the revolutionary, new Sigma Control™ system with a "PC Inside"!

Our new optimized Sigma™ Profile airend is the latest advancement in airend technology. It's the heart of our new Direct Drive compressors. Utilizing a one-to-one drive, there are no transmission losses between the airend and the coupling. Designed for 40 hp and larger units, you can obtain more air for less energy at lower rpm speeds with our new Direct Drive compressors featuring the optimized Sigma Profile airend.


The new revolutionary Sigma-Control™ system is standard on all Kaeser compressors*. This internal, PC-based compressor controller was developed by Kaeser in conjunction with Siemens AG and represents an exciting breakthrough in compressed air system communications.

Sigma Control improves reliability, increases energy savings, reduces maintenance costs, and provides better communication than any other system offered on the market today

The patent-pending Sigma-Control™ is the first compressor control system with an industrial based PC inside. Unlike other competitive systems, there is one control package for all compressor models

The patent-pending Sigma-Control™ is the first compressor control system with an industrial based PC inside. Unlike other competitive systems, there is one control package for all compressor models.



*Excludes SX Series




Kaeser offers a complete range of rotary screw air compressors to meet virtually any compressed air requirements. Kaeser's proprietary Sigma™ Profile airend produces more air per horsepower, saving up to 20% in energy costs. A powder-coated sound-dampening enclosure with cabinet prefilter is standard on most models. Anti-vibration pads eliminate the need for a special foundation and provide quiet, smooth operation


Kaeser's rotary screw air compressors are available with Sigma™ Frequency Control (SFC). This variable speed drive is designed to achieve maximum efficiency over a wide flow range.

Our SFC compressor packages are available from 100 hp to 215 hp and flows from 130 cfm to 1001 cfm, providing pressures from 80 psig to 145 psig. The direct drive airend/motor package is designed to provide the highest efficiency over its entire speed range of 20% to 100%.



New Kaeser Airtower™ systems have a compact footprint. The Airtower series features our Sigma™ rotary screw compressor and refrigerated air dryer, all in one! These compact units are ideal for applications where high-quality compressed air is essential, but floor space is tight.

Airtower sizes range from 3 to 40 hp, with maximum working pressure available from 80 to 205 psig. Comes complete with starters, aftercooler, sound-attenuating enclosure, and wide-opening access doors. The integral CFC-free refrigerated dryer delivers a consistent pressure dewpoint as low as 35°F. The dryer component platform pulls out easily for complete access to maintenance points.



Kaeser Booster compressors provide a convenient and economical high-pressure air supply. They boost existing plant pressure as high as 650 psig. This eliminates the need for costly separate high-pressure systems. Applications include blow molding, leak testing, and presses. Models come fully packaged including TEFC motor, motor starter, aftercooler, prefilter, and anti-vibration pads. They are also piped, wired, and ready for installation



Reciprocating air compressor




Kaeser reciprocating air compressors are available either oil-less or lubricated. Models range from .5 to 50 hp, with pressures up to 580 psig





Portable air compressors from Kaeser are designed to withstand years of use in tough field operations. They feature the power-saving, proprietary Sigma™ Profile airend and a heavy-duty industrial diesel engine. Ideally suited for use in heavy-duty construction and repair applications, as well as the rental industry. Mobilair™ portable units need only minimal maintenance, and provide easy access to internal components




Kaeser offers a complete line of air dryers to remove harmful moisture from your compressed air system. Our units come in many styles and sizes to precisely fit your application ... and protect your products and processes.

With rated capacities from 5 to 3,000 scfm and pressure dewpoints as low as 35°F, our units contain no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). No prefilters are required for the smooth, nonfouling surfaces of the tube-in-tube heat exchanger


Rotary screw vacuum packages from Kaeser have capacities ranging from 168 to 555 acfm, with 99.9+% final vacuum. Units are equipped with 10 to 40 hp TEFC motors, along with switchable DUAL/modulation control and an externally mounted vacuum filter in the suction line. These units also meet NFPA 99C installation standards.

Kaeser's vacuum packages are fully enclosed, featuring wide opening doors and removable panels with easy access to all major components. Units are delivered fully packaged, piped and wired, ready for installation.



Kaeser dental compressors are specifically designed for dental practice requirements. Compact and very quiet, these oil-less units provide an economical and reliable supply of dry, clean compressed air. Choose from a variety of single and duplex models ranging from 2.1 to 24.8 cfm. These models can be used for single dental units as well as for large practices with multiple operating rooms and labs.







Highly efficient air-cooled aftercoolers from Kaeser are an economical way to remove water vapor and cool compressed air to safe, usable levels for many applications. They also prepare the air for further filtration and drying.

Compressed air is cooled to within 5°F to 20°F of the ambient temperature, and as the air cools, up to 80% of the water vapor condenses to a liquid. Kaeser aftercoolers feature a range of flow capacities from 10 to 4,800 scfm, and are suitable for pressures up to 250 psig.




Kaeser's water-cooled aftercoolers feature a wide range of sizes and flow capacities from 40 to 2,800 scfm, and pressures to 900 psig. They provide an efficient, economical way to remove water vapor and to cool compressed air to safe, usable levels. These aftercoolers are single pass, counter flow shell-and-tube heat exchangers that cool air to within 15°F of the cooling water temperature. As the air cools, up to 80% of the water vapor present condenses to a liquid.